Dance Vision strives to offer many opportunities to be involved in the community and offer programs that cater

to local dance teams and dancers who are looking for a variety of dancing options.


Dance team members of any local middle or high school team can purchase a summer punch card which offers a discounted class fee rate, allows them to attend any hour or hour and a half classes.  It's a great way to stay in shape, improve technique and become more familiar with different styles of choreography to become a better, well-rounded dancer.  This summer pass is available for any high school or middle school dance team member.  For prices, click here!


  • Once purchased, punch cards are valid from May 1, 2020, through September, 2020.

  • Punch cards can be used for any 1 hour or 1-1/2 hour class.

  • Punch cards are for individual use and cannot be shared with any other individual.  Punch cards are non-transferable and are non-refundable (for any reason).


Dancer Guidelines:

  • SIGN IN: Sign in at the front desk for each class you are taking

  • CELL PHONES: Dance class is a cell-phone-free zone

  • SNACKS: Please bring a small cooler with lots of water and healthy snacks to keep your body in peak performing condition

  • CLOTHING: Please pack extra clothing for the various styles of dance you will be participating in.  Ballet - Light colored tights, pink ballet slippers and black leotards.  Hip Hop - looser fitting clothes and tennis shoes are permitted. All other classes - form fitting clothes, bare feet, paws or jazz shoes are acceptable. Baggie clothes make it difficult to correct posture, technique, etc.

  • SHOES: We recommend jazz shoes or dance paws for most classes. Technique and flexibility classes are done barefoot. Light pink ballet shoes for ballet class. Tennis shoes can be worn for Hip Hop.

  • GUM: Anyone chewing gum will be asked to throw it away

  • CLEANING UP: We ask that everything you bring with you leaves with you at the end of the day. Make sure your clothing, shoes, etc., do not end up in the lost and found area.

  • HAVE FUN: Most of all, have fun!! Soak in every second of instruction!! Bond with other dancers, learn fun routines and watch yourself improve as a dancer.  With your commitment to dance this summer, you will be in great physical condition to start the fall dance team season!


Vision win.jpg

2016 - Oregon Jr. Hip Hop Champions!


2018 - Oregon Jr. Large Hip Hop Champions!


The Vision Dancers is a group of dancers who want a chance to perform/compete together and want a little more dance in their life.  The season runs from October through the first week of April.  Rehearsals are one to two days per week and competitions are generally on Saturday's.  Dancers who participate on one of the Vision Dancer Club Sport Teams, are often on their middle or high school team as well.


For more information - click HERE!



Dance Vision is proud to offer summer pom classes.  These classes are usually held in August. 


One hour drop in rates apply, call Dance Vision at 360-281-3716 for four week pricing discount.