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 Safety Precautions

We are very excited to have our dancers back in the studio for dance classes and camps! We also want to do everything we can to keep our dancers and their families safe and healthy, so we have put the following practices in place. By working together, we can stay safe and have fun dancing together.

Release Waiver

  • All families will need to have a signed COVID-19 RELEASE WAIVER before participating in class.  The form link was emailed to you if you are registered for a class.  Please fill out the electronic form before taking class. Email if you have difficulties with the online form.

  • If your child is feeling ill at all, you must keep them home; ie, cough, congestion, fever, stomach ache, headache, etc.  We will also send anyone home immediately if they are not feeling well.

Class Routine

  • The number of dancers allowed in class will be limited to allow for social distancing.

  • If dancers have more than one consecutive class they may bring a small dance bag, but are required to keep the bag with them.  Bags and dancers must stay in the areas marked around the studio to keep proper social distancing.

  • Dancers must not be closer than two arms lengths away from another dancer or teacher.

  • Studio staff will all be required to wear face masks at all times until COVID-19 requirements change.

  • Dancers are required to wear their mask at all times, including during class, until COVID-19 requirements change. Please contact Michelle at dance if you have questions regarding this rule.

  • Cell phones must remain in the dancers bag at all times. We encourage you to disinfect your phone before placing it in your bag to enter the studio. Phones are breeding grounds for germs and we want to be sure to keep everyone safe.  Phones may be used in certain situations but would like to keep their use at a minimum.

  • Our teachers remain committed to creating a positive, constructive, healthy environment.  Verbal instruction will be given throughout class, but they will not be giving hands-on corrections.

  • Virtual classes will still be available.  Please notify the studio when you register if you will be in person, or via Zoom.


Arrival and Dismissal

  • Dancers will be screened when arriving at the studio.

  • Dancers must arrive only five minutes before their scheduled class is to start.

  • Dancers must maintain social distancing while waiting to enter the studio.

  • Dancers must enter through the main doors on 7th street, but will exit through the downstairs exit door or the upstairs studio back exit.

  • Dancers will leave through one of the approved exit doors as soon as their last class is finished.

  • All dancers will be given hand sanitizer when they enter the studio.

    • Dancers may also use their own hand sanitizer if they desire.

    • Hand washing will remain available as well.

  • In order to limit the number of people in the lobby, parents must drop off their child outside and remain in their cars or outside at pick up time.

    • One parent per dancer age 4 and under may remain in the lobby if a face mask is worn.

  • Dancers will be required to bring their own, pre-filled, water bottles to avoid contact with the water bottle filler.

  • Students are required to wear a masks.


  • Dance floors and high touch areas will be cleaned between classes and at the end of each day.

  • The upper viewing room and downstairs seating area are closed except for parents who might need to stay for their dancer ages 4 and under. Any parent staying with their dancer will be required to wear a face mask at all times.  

  • Bathrooms will be disinfected frequently throughout the day.


Additional information about best practices and guidelines for public health can be found at the Oregon Health Authority.  If you have any questions or concerns with the safety or cleanliness of our facility please reach out directly to Michelle at

Please check back routinely as these policies and procedures may update from time to time.

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