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D A N C E  V I S I O N

Dance Vision is a place where dancers ages 2 TO 22, beginning to advanced, of all aspirations can come together and share in the freedom of self-expression through movement and music.


Dance Vision is a studio founded in believing in one's dreams: it is an artistic training ground for those who simply love to dance, as well as those who aspire to dance professionally.


Through discipline, dedication, a standard of excellence,  and cutting edge choreography, Dance Vision taps in to the potential of those who love to dance, as well as those who live to dance.




Michelle McKinney-Holt:


Artistic Director and founder of Dance Vision got her start in nearby Vancouver, Washington. Michelle trained intensively in ballet, jazz, lyrical and tap. She went on to further her dance education by training at the Edge Performing Arts Center in Hollywood, California, and Broadway Dance  Center in New York City. Michelle is a passionate believer in continued education, and stays at the the top of her field trhoughy workshops and professional study.


The Dance Vision dream was born in 1992 when the first Dance Vision location was openend in McMinnville, Oregon. Since Dance Vision's inceptions, Michelle has had the opportunityh to touch the lives of dancers from all over Oregon and Washington - helping to instill grace, poise, and self-confidence, as well as inspiring and developing technical excellence.


Michelle has been an accomp[lished and recognized instructor and choregorapher.  Her students have been selected for renowned scholarships to the Edge Performing Arts Center and Broadway Dance Center for the last 13 years.


Michelle, who was featured in Dance Teacheer magazine has also received countless choreography achievement awards, both regionally, and nationally.  She has been recognized by LA Danceforce, NYC Dance Alliance, Co., Dance, and American Dance Awards. In fact, Michelle has been the recipient of the only choreography award given by Co. Dance for three years straight.


Additionally, Co. Dance has recognized her by awarding her the "Best Educator Award," in 2003.  NYC Dance Alliance awarded Michelle's choreography with the Critic's Choice Award in 2003, the Class Act Award in 2004, andf the dance company with the best sportsmanship in 2005.

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